Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Brightie Lowe + Melanie Woodruff, the founders of SINNERS+SAINTS. "Why did you start SINNERS+SAINTS?", you may be wondering. It all started when we both realized that we wanted more for the merch we offer at our church, New Life Christian Church & World Outreach. 

SINNERS+SAINTS was created to further the vision of our church — bringing new life to the sinner + new life to the saint. We also created it because we believe that church merch doesn’t have to be lame.

Our hope is that we can inspire others to rep something bigger than themselves (aka Jesus Christ) and look good while doing it.

Outside of S+S, in Brightie's free-time you can find her getting the freshest new manicure, sipping an iced coffee from the local coffee spot, or pouring into people through the local jail ministry.

In Melanie's free-time you can find her curating another Spotify playlist, playing her trombone in the local community band, or hanging with her friends.

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